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Galimarian Biology Explained

Galimarian Biology Explained

Galimarians are born much in the same way as humans are, except for some very important differences.
First, when a Galimarian baby is conceived, it remains in its mother for about 14 months. At the end of 14 months, the baby is born and growth begins.
Second, when Galimarians are born, they do not have a gender. In the same way that all human fetuses are neither female nor male for a period of time in the womb until surges of hormones cause changes to the bodies dictating female or male development, Galimarian babies have features on their bodies that facilitate waste disposal, but are neither male nor female even after they are born into the world. While in this stage of their life, young Galimarians typically wear toga-like garb.
It isn’t until a point that is referred to as the “Age of Enlightenment” when their bodies start to change, and they begin to take on the features of a specific gender.
The transition to the age of enlightenment happens at around the age of 40 to 50 earth years. It isn’t until this happens when they are considered pubescent. At this time they are given a celebration (called the Celebration of Hin), and they are given an amulet that all pubescent and adult Galimarians wear. This amulet does many things including giving them access to the vast storehouses of Galimarian knowledge.
Galimarians could of course perform what we would call medical tests to figure out what gender they would eventually be, but most choose not to do so, so as to be surprised by the gender later in life.
From the time that they are born, to the time that they actually take on a gender ends up taking about 50 years. The process of taking on a gender generally takes on another 50 years. Once they hit around 100 to 110 years old, gender identity is complete. Still though, such ones are considered “young” until much later.
Galimarians are quite long lived. Most Galimarians end up living for approximately twelve to fourteen thousand earth years. When they are born and as they grow, they have completely black irises. One of the outworkings of the nannite technology that they all have introduced into their blood stream is that they actually don’t get old. The nannites are able to take care of things that commonly cause old age in humans. In fact, Galimarians actually end up looking quite good at the time of their death.
As will all living creatures, death eventually comes, and this is also true for Galimarians. When it does come, basically the only way that you can tell that any particular Galimarian is old because their black irises over time change in color. The older they get, the lighter their eyes get. Eventually, really old Galimarians have irises that are slightly grey.
Galimarians require nitrogen in the same way that humans require oxygen. In fact, one of the reasons why the main computer on the Arageena chose earth, was because earth had an atmosphere that closely resembled Galimar in that it contained 78% nitrogen.

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